The Bitchen Farm Healing Center offers access to an Energy Enhancement System as well as an oasis for anyone to take part in. Spend a couple hours or sleep overnight in the system of pure energy (scalar wave technology) and then spend some time in nature Farm visitors have the opportunity to work the 5 acres and see the beautiful protea flowers, organically farmed food and maybe even our friendly cats. The EE System super charges all the cells in the body to do what they do best — heal the body and remove toxins. If the root of all disease is toxins, then the EE System gets to the heart of the matter for any disease that exists. Following time in the system, taking a detox salt bath will be necessary to complete the detox process.

All visits are by appointment only. The business is set up as a private membership association, which eliminates interference from corporate medicine and its attempts to control healthcare for profit. There will be an initial $5 membership fee to join and then time in the system can be booked on an hourly or nightly basis.

For those seeking more in depth solutions, we are connected to a network of providers within a 2 hour range that provide everything from colonics to ozone to any number of other healing modalities. In addition, Jeff Witzeman is available to consult with anyone wishing to get “un-stuck” from emotional issues that are fostering disease.

Phone: 760 –235-6546


$ 60

Per Hour


$ 400

Overnight Session

Bath Use

$ 35

Per Use

Detox Salts

Private Consultation

$ 60

Per Hour

The root of all disease has an emotional component to it. This is the undiscovered truth that is being revealed in our time. There is a way to process it and it has to do with discovering where our allegiance is aligned. The reason our allegiance is aligned with sources that harm us is often difficult to figure out unless we have someone to process it with who understands the way out. You can schedule an appointment with Jeff to process these issues.

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Membership Agreement to Sign

Must be signed prior to working together. Download PDF and sign, then bring with you along with $5 membership fee.

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