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Works of Your Hands (7-Day Rental)

$4.99 for 1 week

Colon Hydrotherapy may just be the greatest untapped resource in healthcare. Award winning filmmaker Jeff Witzeman goes on a quest to find out why so many people are healing a variety of diseases with this practice.

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About Colon Hydrotherapy

I’m convinced that colon hydrotherapy in the hands of a skilled practitioner is the GREATEST untapped resource for health. When people actually discover what is possible, that 80% of the immune system resides in the gut, that the colon is called the second brain because it regulates SO MANY things in our body, I think there will be an explosion of clinics adding colonics to their practices. So what is colon hydrotherapy?

Simply, colon hydrotherapy is water in to the large intestine and water out. It’s like taking a shower for the colon. A small tube called a speculum is inserted into the rectum and warm water goes in filling up the large intestine and then being released removing old fecal material, toxins, candida and parasites.

There are two kinds of systems when you make an appointment for a colonic . . . open and closed. An open system allows you to lie on a type of bed and you are in control of the amount of water that goes in and when you discharge it. The closed system allows for a small tube or speculum to be inserted into the rectum and then the therapist is there with you the entire time making sure you get the most out of the session. I have done both. I personally like the closed system in the hands of a skilled therapist because they can massage the colon in certain places using pressure points to make sure there are no blockages or kinks that would prevent the process from happening effectively. At all times in either system you are able to retain your modesty with clothing or coverings that allow for the colonic to happen while being covered. The skilled therapist can feel what is going on and be able to tell you if there are other problems like leaky gut or blockages that require additional attention from a medical specialist. Therapists receive a variety of education. The two featured in the documentary film The Works Of Your Hands have received years of training, including the one who trained in Europe where they get 2.5 years of training to understand how the colon relates to every part of the body. I found this particularly useful because it sees us as an interconnected system rather than just body parts that need this drug or that drug.

We are living in a toxic world right now with little safety testing being done on anything until a massive court case reveals the truth. Things like glyphosate sprayed on the wheat, EMFs bombarding us, 5G wireless technology, and pesticides as well as antibiotics and hormones given to animals all produce a toxic overload on our bodies. This needs to come out in order for us to thrive and even absorb the nutrients we are getting through healthy food.

Standard thinking is that the colon is self regulating and doesn’t need any help purging toxins and fecal material. But in reality, everybody is unique. The Works Of Your Hands shows multiple people with a variety of conditions showing the benefits of cleaning the colon. My problem was parasites. And they have a way of creating nests or cocoons in the colon and wreaking havoc on the body. Colon hydrotherapy was the only way to remove all the parasites for me. As an added benefit, my back pain disappeared, because and enlarged colon puts pressure on the back.

So when researching colon hydrotherapists, see if you can get a referral or at the very least a lot of positive reviews. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, most people are surprised at the relief they get from just 3 colonic sessions. Here is a great link to a number of frequently asked questions: COLONIC ASSOCIATION